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Would you like to have one or more codes listed on these pages on your vehicle?

A desired coding can not be implemented because the equipment is missing?

Don’t hesitate to send us a short inquiry. We will administer to your requests and answer all your questions. We handle the necessary adjustments to your vehicle quickly and reliably. We offer you a comprehensive consultation of the respective possibilities as well as detailed information about it. We will answer your request as soon as possible and find a suitable appointment with you together. We work exclusively with original and licensed software.

We have VCDS, VCP and ODIS.

Some of the listed codes do not correspond to the traffic regulations (StVO in Germany). Codings are done at your own risk. We assume no liability. For this reason, please enquire about the compatibility with the traffic regulations (StVO) in advance.

  • Retrieve fault memory


    You have noticed an error, want to fix this problem yourself and need an clue now?

    We retrieve the fault memory of your vehicle, save the vehicle in our database and give the entire error log to you.


    Each vehicle is basically retrieved and stored in our database. This enables us to respond to questions or problems at any time and provide information.

  • Service interval resetting

    After the guarantee expiration, many vehicle owners carry out the service themselves or have it carried out at an independent garage. Afterwards the interval display in the vehicle has to be reset, we offer this for economical 35 €.


    Service Intervallrckstellung 2

  • Electronic lowering

    Audi ASS electronic lowering

    (ASS = Adaptive Air Suspension)

    Possible for the following vehicles with ASS

    -   A6 4F (ab year 2004)

    -   A6, S6 and RS6 4G (since year 2010)

    -   A7, S7, RS7 4G (since year 2011)

    -   A8, S8 4H (since year 2010)

    -   Q7 4L (since year 2005)

    -   VW Touareg (since year 2014)







     9-Tieferlegung    10-Tieferlegung

    [/item] [item title="Component protection"]

    Almost all installed control units in your vehicle are equipped with a component protection. This component protection is also used to identify a stolen device.
    -You want to install another control unit in your vehicle which supports your retrofit project?
    -You bought a new multi-media interface (MMi), want to install it in your vehicle and use the full range of functions?
    We will be pleased to help you, find an appointment as soon as possible and fit your control unit to your vehicle.

  • Komponentenschutz & Schlüssel anlernen

    Unser Unternehmen ist GEKO berechtigt

    Wir sind im Besitz einer Audi und Volkswagen GEKO Kennung und sind in der Lage den Komponentenschutz von Steuergeräten aufzuheben, Fahrzeugschlüssel anzulernen und sicherheitsrelevante Arbeiten durchzuführen.

    Fast alle verbauten Steuergeräte in Ihrem Fahrzeug sind mit einem Komponentenschutz versehen. Dieser Komponentenschutz dient auch zur Identifikation eines gestohlenen Geräts. Wir sind berechtigt diesen bei allen Audi und VW Fahrzeugen aufzuheben und an ihr Fahrzeug anzupassen.

    Auch wenn sie ihren Fahrzeugschlüssel verloren haben, sind wir in der Lage diesen anzulernen und zu programieren.

    Gerne helfen wir Ihnen dabei, finden schnellstmöglich einen Termin für Sie und passen das Steuergerät fachgerecht dem Fahrzeug an.

    Aus rechtlichen Gründen können angelieferte Teile nur mit vorhandener original Rechnung angelernt werden.


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