Reimport vehicles from the USA do not have the standard to be approved in Germany. We make sure that you get your vehicle approved by the TÜV without problems.

- MMI navigation and radio conversion in German

- Retrofit of the headlight cleaning system

- Installation of head and tail lights with E-approval and yellow indicators

- Deactivation of site marker in the head and tail lights

- Replacement of the combined instrument with Km / h scale and German-speaking display

- Revocation the speed limit (V-Max lifting)

Painting work is exclusively carried out by our partner painting shop GEFA in Bochum and assembled by us.



We ensure that your vehicle with MMC navigation system 3G and 3G + is converted to German. A software update with the latest software version is included as well as the latest navigation maps in the market. The chassis number is cleanly integrated and not blocked by activators. All online functions are still available and retrievable. Without any error entry of course!

Bring the vehicle to us or send your navigation system. You will receive a package with an installation guide/ removal instructions in advance, the necessary tools and a return receipt for your navigation system. You will receive your navigation system within 48 hours. successfully converted and pre-finished.


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